Buy Kratom Online

Buy Kratom Online

Buy Kratom Online

Buy the best kratom online or in our kratom mobile app on Google Play Store!

When it comes to online kratom sales, please do not be fooled or deceived by the lowest price!  When it comes to kratom, you get what you pay for!  We stand behind our product 100%, and so do our customers, such as supplement and health quality guru Ryan Ankrom…(at 8:30 he drops the bomb and says Life of Kratom is the best place to buy kratom online!)

Online Kratom Sales

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Kratom and Liberty

Kratom and Liberty

Kratom and liberty go hand in hand.

October 13, 2016 was the day the Drug Enforcement Administration withdrew the Notice to schedule kratom’s alkaloids because the DEA found the FDA had failed to meet its burden under the Controlled Substances Act for that recommended scheduling.

That decision has saved many lives!

Instead of focussing its efforts on making kratom illegal, the government should continue to reinforce its legality as a method of freeing thousands of people from opiates.

Kratom is not the enemy in the War on Drugs! It is a powerful ally!

Kratom Quality Explained

Kratom Quality Explained

Kratom is gaining more popularity as people are learning about its many benefits. With the rise in the number of kratom customers, the number of kratom vendors have also increased. Many vendors claim to sell the best quality Kratom. However, the truth is that many vendors don’t deliver the quality they promise; rather, in order to increase profits, they will often purchase the cheapest kratom from lower quality farmers, and then, in many cases, further dilute the kratom before they sell it.

Here at Life of Kratom, we invest extensive research into the many strains and sources being offered in order to supply the best and highest quality kratom available. Just like all kratom vendors, we are contacted by kratom farmers who offer kratom at a cheaper price; however, we constantly turn them down because we would rather pay the highest price and deliver the highest quality than offer our customers a kratom product which is not pure.

But, do not take our word for it! Check out what Ryan Ankrom says about Life of Kratom in his “Kratom Explained” video!

New Life of Kratom Mobile App

New Life of Kratom Mobile App

We are so excited about the new Life of Kratom Mobile App we just published on Google Play Store(I-phone version coming soon), we wanted to make it the feature of our new Life of Kratom Blog and Newsletter!

It was a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary, when a man came into our downtown shop on High Street to purchase a bag of Kratom.  He told us that he had just moved to Columbus from Charleston, SC, and that he was very happy to find our shop. He said he was a mobile app developer and showed us some of the apps he published on the Play Store.  He also told us how much kratom has been helping him with his very stressful, performance based career as a developer, especially since COVID-19,  and how thankful he was that he was able to find a shop close to his home.  We welcomed him, of course, and took good care of him.

The next day, the same man came into our shop and presented us with a mock-up version of a “Life of Kratom” Mobile App he developed the night before.  As he showed us the app, we were very impressed that he had taken the time to do such a thing.  We have always wanted an app for our customers, but it has been so hard trying to find reasonable software companies without some form of prejudice about our life.  Well, this man was one of us, and he was a developer — as it turns out, a very good one!  He offered us a price we could not  refuse, and, wala!  Now we have a Life of Kratom Mobile App!

So, to get to the point, you will see many new things coming in the near future!  Once the app goes live, we will add a curb-side kratom pickup option, for you who need kratom during hours when our shop is closed, and possibly even kratom deliveries!  You will be able to tell your story in the app as well, so that other people can read about what kratom has done for you; and receive real-time notifications of special deals, events, and new blends!   And, you can easily share the app on your social media timelines (which we hope you all do, and many times(smile)).  Heck, it might even turn into a new form of social media for Kratom Life!

Help us celebrate!  We will post the link to the app here when it goes live!


Your Kratom People,

Life of Kratom

P.S.  If you have a story you think should be told, please let us know and we will post it here on the new Life of Kratom Blog!